House Rules: Under Revisement, Editing

Banned Classes

Basically, anything Hybrid. Don’t bother asking.

Allowable Races

Core and Featured Races are allowed, period. Uncommon Races are only allowed after inspection by the GM. Anything else is not allowed, period.


This is a rule that I have grown to like, so I shall use it. Flanking, rear and so on. For more information, please click HERE.

Alternate Rules

Please note that this is a rather high-powered campaign. As such, many items that have high value will be awarded if the Player completes certain hidden objectives. I.E. a +1 Mithril Chain-shirt of Lesser Shadow can be feasibly obtained while still AT FIRST LEVEL! Of course, this is balanced by the fact that the enemies will be more varied than would be considered the norm, i.e. an Orc warrior that just happens to have a higher will save than his companions. I will not roll all my enemies as that would take too much time, but you can be assured that at least one in every grouping besides the leader will have interesting stats. If asked, I may provide back-story for these individuals, but only AFTER they have been dealt with in some form or fashion. Preferably death.

Please note that all artwork belongs to their respective owners. I own nothing, for I am poor. I am rich, for I own nothing.

House Rules: Under Revisement, Editing

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