The northernmost city of the human lands. It has long been a trading hub with the elven nations, but recently the flow of goods has stopped for some reason.

The Players arrive here in the late afternoon, through one way or another…

The small city is a fortress unto itself, the only part of it outside the formidable walls being the old cemetery. It is separated into four districts set around the Keep: the Market, the Shambles, the Visiting Quarter, and the Home.

The Home

The average person in Northton lives his life day to day, going from the Home quarter where he lives to either the Visiting Quarter or the Market with the lucky few even going to the Keep. Residential in nature, there are good, wholesome people here. Many have lived here for generations, sinking their roots deep.

The Visiting Quarter

Where most people in Northton work. There are tanners and smiths, several inns and small home shops. Nothing too fancy here, just people going through the motions of trading and buying with what they can glean from their hard won earnings.

The Shambles

The Shambles is the slums of Northton, even if it isn’t as much of one compared to the larger cities’. This is where the poor and disenfranchised gather, the few street urchins can while their days, and less reputable can hide from prying eyes.

The Ruins

The old part of the town, which was a forward camp abandoned by the elves long ago, sits about a mile away to the east. They are ruins.


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